Birthday Presents

“Happy Birthday, Scott!!” That was the message associated with a generous donation to our PHA Thrive fundraising site. Since I know Scott as one of our most vocal and enthusiastic supporters, I made the connection that this donation must have been made in honor of him. I thanked the donor, and told him I would also reach out to Scott to inform him of this donation in his name.

Scott was very pleasantly surprised. And the story he shared was short, sweet and worth repeating. Scott apparently works in the same office as this donor. When Scott hired a PHA rising senior to work for him this summer, it opened the door to a broader conversation about things going on at PHA, including our efforts to eliminate hunger in the community. Scott is known as one of our best ambassadors. He told his co-worker about PHA Thrive, its goals, and it’s importance to the community and to Scott personally. Well, the donor understandably was impressed by Scott’s enthusiasm and made a donation that will guarantee a child up to 20 weekends of healthy food.

And while you may think that’s the end of the story, it gets better. Scott then matched the original donor’s contribution. Now there’s a PHA child that will have weekend food for an entire school year.

It’s support like this that warms my heart and makes me smile!!