Too Busy to Blog!!

My recent lack of blogging does not mean there has been a lull in Thrive activity. Quite the opposite, in fact. Here’s a brief rundown as well as a preview of upcoming activities.


  • We kicked off Third Thursdays. Since then, we have hosted 3 VERY SUCCESSFUL community suppers attended each time by 75-90 community members. There has been dancing. There has been drama. And there has been great food and great company. Come out to one sometime and see for yourself.


  • We extended our reach and impact against hunger. We are now sending home 64 food backpacks every weekend with children at the Early Childhood and Upper Elementary campuses. That is more than 4 times as many backpacks as we were sending home a year ago!


  • We completed and submitted another grant proposal to MIT’s Community Service Fund to see if we might get an additional round of funding to help sustain our growth.
  • And we were joined by Dr. Angela Allen, new Head of School, at our Third Thursday community supper. She engaged us in conversation about how to sustain and grow our program, and invited more conversation to explore how best to meet the food insecurity needs at the Upper School campus. Partnering with local Central Square restaurants may be one angle to explore.

Coming up in April:

  • We will hear from MIT regarding our grant proposal. (Fingers crossed!!)
  • We will be attending Food for Free’s Empty Bowls fundraising event on April 16, 5-8pm at Mudflat Pottery. They have been fantastic partners to work with, and they host a great event. Please come if you are in the area.
  • We will host another Third Thursday, this time on the second Thursday (April 14) due to April break.
  • And we will be working feverishly to prepare for our own fundraiser.

Coming up in May:

  • Our second annual Thrive Fundraiser, May 7, 2-4pm at The Independent in Union Square. Be there, be in the Square, and be part of something really important. Help us eliminate hunger at PHA.
  • And if you can’t attend our fundraiser, you can always just click on the “Donate” link anytime, from anywhere, using any credit card, (preferably your own).