Hugely Successful Third Thursday!

THRIVE - volunteersSince I am at a loss for words, I’ll fill this post with the words of others.

[From Heather Grunwald of Community Cooks to the cooks]

A HUGE thanks for cooking wonderful food for the first THRIVE community meal!!  The hardworking crew that pulled this off had no idea how many people would show up… turns out over 75 Prospect Hill Academy community members came by!  I was there to see your food thoroughly enjoyed – the room was filled with smiling faces!!  Apparently, the kids were so excited all day, talking about how they were going to have dinner with their friends…

[From Maureen MacCarthy, PHA Nurse]

My heart is full this cold Friday morning despite a long day + late night yesterday. Our inaugural “Third Thursday Dinner” was a rousing success, with over 75 PHA Community members joining for dinner, social time, and FUN! I would like to thank all of the staff who took their precious personal time to attend and engage with families and each other.  A particular expression of thanks to Branigan Reed, Hermaine Jean, Margareth Chan, and Marcello Gooden who joined “the work crew” throughout the entire event.  Thank you Jed Lippard who brought his family and friends, and also rolled up his sleeves to help in clean up.  A HUGE THANKS to Angie Surpris Our ECC Family Liaison & FAB Co-Chair, In Paik our ECC FAB Co-Chair, and THE AMAZING Barbara Goguen without whom this never would have begun!  THIS is why this school community is – and will always be – my life’s “work”, a privilege I cherish every day.

Lastly we must thank Vicki I, Heather Grunwald,  Mary Todd & all of the Community Cooks who prepared a delicious repast!

1st, 3rd, or 1st Third Thursday!!

This Thursday, January 21st, we kick off Third Thursdays. Please join us at 6pm at the Webster Ave PHA cafeteria and enjoy a delicious variety of foods made by local restaurants and volunteers.  All PHA community members and their families are welcome. Take-home containers will be provided so that any leftovers can be sharedthursday and enjoyed later.

The PHA community consists of an over-achieving, under-served population. Over 95% of the high school seniors go on to 4-year colleges. At the same time, an estimated 3 out of 10 PHA students would benefit from greater access to food during non-school hours. Last year we kicked off a weekend food backpack program to start to address this need. This year we are adding Third Thursdays. Continue reading