Food as Perspective

So it’s another Thursday night of preparing packets of weekend food to go home with PHA children tomorrow.  Mostly it is busy work, pulling items from boxes and bags to put into other boxes and bags. Making sure that each packet has the right collection of healthy breakfast, lunch and snack items.  Bagging, wrapping, packing, loading them into the car.  You’d think it might be tedious work, work in which I would not find peace and joy.  But the opposite is true.   Here’s the deal – I currently work in an organization that is undergoing dramatic and disruptive change.  My day is filled with angst, confusion, frustration both mine and others’, and mostly around work that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, or having any real impact.  My work with THRIVE is work that matters, that hopefully is making a difference in the lives of children and families in my community. It’s work for which people regularly express appreciation.   It’s work that connects me with other’s in a rich and rewarding way. It’s work that opens doors to the school environment where my daughter spends her days.  And it’s work that puts other challenges, including those of my current day job, into perspective.

I like doing what matters.  THRIVE is helping me to thrive as well.

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