Collateral Good

In reviewing recent donations to our fundraising site, I came upon a donation in an unusual amount. As always, I sent the donor a personalized thank you, and noted that if s/he were able to tell me, I’d love to know the significance of the donation amount.  Here’s what I heard back.

“My daughter is a student at PHA and the donation really came from her. We divide her allowance between 4 categories, Spend, Save, Give, and Invest. It had been a while since we discussed any gifting, so when she suggested PHA Thrive be her ‘Give’ for the year, the amount was what she had saved up. We’d done some of the math and our daughter was happy to find that her donation would cover one of her classmates for the rest of the school year and beyond.”

Given the state of the world these days how often do we hear about “collateral damage”?  It’s heartwarming to learn that PHA Thrive’s efforts to feed hungry children encourages such “collateral good”, allowing all of us the chance to experience the importance and reward of “Give”.

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