Never Too Late, for some things…

Last night I participated in the PHA Family Resource Fair.  I was there to share information about THRIVE.  I was thrilled to be asked the question that I worried was out there – “Is it too late to sign up for THRIVE?”  And I was even more thrilled to be able to say it is never too late to sign up.  Our goal is to keep this program going for as long as it is needed, until there are no longer children in our community who have limited or no reliable access to food on weekends or school breaks.

To this end, we are now working hard to get all the pieces in place for our first annual fundraising event at The Independent in Union Square on Saturday, May 16, 2-4pm.  While it may never be too late to sign up for THRIVE services, miss May 16 and you will be too late to join us for an afternoon of fun and fundraising.

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