Fantastic First Fundraiser!!

What can I say, other than “Wow!”

Our Thrive Fundraiser at The Independent in Union Square exceeded all of our expectations.  On a day that included the opening of the Union Square Farmers’ Market, and Somerville Porch Fest, we drew a crowd of about 40 people into a room filled with lively music by DJ Tiernan, platters of great food, and a well-tended and well-stocked bar.  I heard stories of how those in attendance made connections with other neighbors, families, teachers, administrators from both lower and upper school campuses. We welcomed into this gathering my dear friend Eugene, who came all the way from Ireland, not just for our fundraiser but we can pretend we had an international reach. Eugene enjoyed meeting many in the crowd with obvious Irish roots – yes, Maureen MacCarthy you were one of them! I watched as my daughter, Aswita’s children and other children danced, played with balloons, and climbed in and around crowds of tables and people. I witnessed a community strengthening connections that already existed, and forming new connections where none had been before. And I felt a bit overwhelmed with gratitude!


In this one beautiful afternoon, with the volunteer help of Alden the Amazing Auctioneer, and through the generosity of those that came out and those that donated even when they could not join us, we made $3,815.

That’s roughly 636 weekend food backpacks, or 8-10 months of weekend food for the number of families currently participating.

And that, my friends, is FANTASTIC!! 

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