Byron, the Unsung Hero

You might think that bundling and distributing 31 food backpacks each week is a pretty simple task. I bet you’d be surprised by some of the complexities involved, and what an important role a single individual can play, if they reliably take care of just one small piece of that process. Byron, the Early Childhood Campus maintenance man plays one of those critical roles, and he does so incredibly reliably, almost invisibly, and without the show of appreciation he deserves – until now.


Every Friday as the sun is just coming up, I pull into the back parking lot with my tiny car loaded to the roof with large boxes and bags of food bundles. I leave these bundles on the back stoop of the school, and drive back home to get my daughter fed, dressed and ready to start her day. Without my asking (I hadn’t gotten to it yet), Byron noticed the first such delivery at the beginning of October, recognized that these food bundles most likely needed to get to Nurse Maureen’s office, and kindly made it happen. And he’s made it happen every Friday morning since.

A loud and clear shout out to Byron, for being such a thoughtful, quiet and important part of the process!! (Sorry for the bluriness of the image. It’s probably because he never stops moving…)

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