Healthy Snacks, in action…

Yesterday was my parent-teacher meeting regarding my daughter’s progress so far this year.  I arrived a little early and was waiting in the hallway outside the classroom for the parents ahead of me to finish up.  It so happens that my daughter’s classroom is diagonally across the hall from the nurse’s office.  And, the nurse is a key partner of mine in getting this food effort going.  Since we started getting weekly produce donations from Food for Free, the nurse has distributed those donations by way of a small healthy snack station just outside her door.  Sometimes it includes a cooler to keep drinks and other items cooler and fresher.  Yesterday it was a large fruit bowl filled with apples and bananas.

While I waited, I watched a mother with two small children walk by, notice the fruit, and instruct her children to each take an apple to eat.

This is what it’s all about.

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