Doors open up

Since last spring, I’ve been making weekly food deliveries to the PHA Webster Ave campus.  For a while last year, the routine was for me to drive into the back parking lot and leave the cases on the back stoop and call/text Maureen the school nurse who would arrange to pick them up and haul them up to her second floor office.  Relatively easy-peasy. This year, Maureen spent the first weeks running between the 3 PHA campuses, so the routine needed to change.  I’ve been pulling up as close to the front door of the school as possible, parking illegally with my flashers on while I dodge Webster Ave traffic with heavy crates of fruit.  Then one at a time, I haul them in.

  1. Down the few steps outside.
  2. Buzz the outer door.
  3. Wait for the click that tells me the door is unlocked.
  4. Enter and up the few steps to the main floor. Wait and hope that someone, maybe the same person who buzzed me in notices me and unlocks the second set of doors.
  5. Then through the second locked door straight ahead down the hall where I stack the boxes outside the nurses office.
  6. Back down the hall, the steps and out the front door.

Repeat steps 1-6 for as many crates as I have.  I get my workout.  Earlier in the year, when most PHA staff were oblivious to my efforts, I would sometimes go unnoticed at the door.

But things are changing and doors are opening for me.  My last two deliveries were welcomed by staff responding quickly to my buzzes, opening the second locked door for me, offering to help, expressing appreciation.  Life is good.

Now I just need to recruit a couple of additional delivery volunteers as backup…

2 thoughts on “Doors open up

  1. A new week, a new delivery! Barbara Goguen arrived as usual today carrying two large boxes of fresh fruit, wearing a warm smile, and sporting a strong “Can Do” attitude! Her deliveries and help through “Thrive” always so appreciated. The students are always glad to have the snacks, teachers & families happy that the children are fed & ready to learn & I am beyond relieved that I no longer have to tell any child that my snack supply is gone. She goes on to tell me that she and Aswita will be meeting again this week. Something amazing always results! Thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it……


  2. While on the subject of Thankful…..

    PHA Integrated Arts teacher Terri Deletesky stops by the school nurse’s office from time to time to say Hi, share a funny story, or ask about a student concern. Lately though, her visits have included gifts!
    Since learning about “Thrive PHA” Terri has delivered huge boxes of crackers, raisins, cereal etc. to bolster our snacks supply. A thoughtful and generous offering from her aunt. She also brought a bag of cash, LITERALLY! The proceeds of ticket sales from a recent performance of her band and two others at a local club. YOU GUYS ROCK!


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