“Check this out.”

“Check this out.”  That was the complete content of a message sent from Maureen, the school nurse, to Nancy, the school principle.  That along with a link to this PHA Thrive website.

And the immediate response from Nancy?  “This page is fantastic!”

Wow!  It feels wonderful to know that what we have been working on for the past year is coming together, looking good, building community, and gaining momentum.

Some of the highlights that convince me that our food program is really happening:

  • the first 12 families have signed up to receive weekend backpacks.
  • the $5K grant check arrived from MIT’s Community Service Fund.
  • an additional $820 in donations have already come into our fundraising site.
  • a commitment of additional support has come from Food For Free – they have offered to increase the amount and variety of food supplies they give us each week to supplement the backpack program.
  • the network of social media connections to our efforts keeps expanding our community.
  • the enthusiasm from the school keeps growing. Everyone from the principle, to the nurse, to parents and teachers are engaged and excited.
  • and last but not least, all this positive energy fuels Aswita’s and my efforts to plan next steps and develop sustainable practices.

What does all this mean?  Food will start going home with children in early February.  Kids will no longer be hungry on weekends.  Our community will be stronger and better for it.  Life is good!


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